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      High Pressure Water Cleaning

      Hard Surface Cleaning

      Expert Hard Surface Cleaning Solutions Hard surface cleaning, as the name suggests, is the removing of dirt,...

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      Concrete Cleaning

      Specialized Concrete Cleaning Services If you are looking for a concrete cleaning service provider in Melbourne, there...

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      High Pressure Cleaning

      Our High-Pressure Cleaning Services The need for high end and precision driven water pressure cleaning for concrete...

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      High Pressure Cleaner

      Why Choose Our High Pressure Cleaning Services? Are the paths outside your premises starting to build up...

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      Pressure Washings

      Efficient Pressure Washing Services Across Melbourne Tired of unmanageable spills and stains spoiling your day? Opt for...

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      Car Park Cleaning

      Looking for commercial car park cleaning in your area? Car parking is often the most overlooked areas...

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      High Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne

      Seeing is truly believing, and our videos show you the awesome power of our amazing equipment

      • The future of pressure cleaning available now!
      • Superb cleaning results!
      • Significant health, safety and image benefits to clients!
      • Market-leading technology!
      • Cleaning water recovered, filtered and re-used!
      • Pollutants removed for safe disposal!
      • Protect the environment!
      • Huge water savings!

      High Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

      Want to restore the natural look of your property? Floors and surfaces need to be well-maintained as they are constantly affected by the high foot traffic and accumulation of dust and debris. Spills, dust, and chemicals can deteriorate the surface quality which would further make it appear dull.

      You can get rid of the tough stains and dirt built-up on your residential or commercial property by choosing quality services for high pressure water cleaning in Melbourne.

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      Whether it is your driveway, outdoor areas, floors or any other surrounding area, with professional cleaning services, you will get the ultimate cleaning results as expected. High pressure water cleaning in Melbourne is a time-saving and efficient way of removing germs and grime from surfaces leaving them clean and spotless.

      Go Green

      High Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

      High Pressure Cleaning A Green Alternative

      Let’s face it, we are living in an ever expanding world yet the planets resources are dangerously at risk of running out. Water is one of these precious resources and wasting with it is a luxury we can no longer afford. 

      This is why we developed a ‘High Pressure Cleaning’ system with water conservation in mind. Our equipment has been specially designed to recycle the water, therefore eliminating the need for unnecessary wastage. 

      Our business philosophy is based on not only thinking green, but actually implementing that belief in the work that we do. Call us today and put our equipment to the test. 

      Our High Pressure Cleaning System

      State of the art ‘High Pressure Cleaning’ equipment with a wash, collect recycle system and mutual filtration technology. This allows us to recover and reuse up to 90% wash water reusing it multiple times. 

      Our recovery system does not allow any of the was water to be in any way contaminated by storm or sewerage water. 

      Each Knockout High Pressure unit can save up to 3,800,000 litres of water per annum and prevent the same amount from being discharged into the drainage system. 

      • Oil and Chemical Spill Clean-Up 
      • Chewing Gum Removal 
      • Cold Rooms and Freezer Cleaning 
      • Tennis Court Cleaning 
      • Hard Surface Restoration 
      • Industrial Facilities Washout 
      • Parking Garage Cleaning 
      • Food Processing Plant Cleaning 
      High Pressure Cleaning

      Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing

      Pressure washing has gone “Green”. Knockout uses the latest technology to meet and exceed all of our obligations to you, our customer, and the planet in which we share. In combination with our high pressure steam cleaners, we use a wash water recovery and recycling system. We recover and reuse up to 95% of our wash water. Our method meets and exceeds local regulations concerning wash water discharge. Let us tell you how we beat the competition in terms of quality service and environmentally conscious ethics.

      • Hospitals
      • Health Care Centers
      • Kindergardens
      • Service Stations
      • Schools
      • Government & Councils
      • Industrial Areas
      • High Traffic Areas
      • Walkways / Sidewalks
      • Tile Cleaning
      • Concrete Cleaning
      • Parking Garages
      • Landing Pads
      • Entrance Ways

      We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and well-maintained property while being mindful of our environmental impact. Our state-of-the-art high pressure cleaning equipment, combined with our commitment to water conservation and recycling, sets us apart from the competition. 

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      Our high-pressure washing services in Melbourne are suitable for a wide range of applications, including oil and chemical spill clean-up, chewing gum removal, cold rooms and freezer cleaning, tennis court cleaning, hard surface restoration, industrial facilities washout, parking garage cleaning, and food processing plant cleaning. 

      We proudly serve hospitals, health care centres, kindergartens, service stations, schools, government & councils, industrial areas, high traffic areas, walkways, sidewalks, and more. Our power washing, power cleaning, and high-power washing techniques effectively clean and restore tile, concrete, parking garages, landing pads, and entrance ways. 

      Moreover, our hot water pressure washer technology ensures the most effective and thorough cleaning results, eliminating even the toughest stains and grime. 

      Choose Knockout for your high-pressure cleaning needs in Melbourne and experience the difference of our eco-friendly, efficient, and thorough services. Contact us today to learn more about high power washing and how we can help you maintain a clean, safe, and environmentally conscious property with our cutting-edge pressure washing solutions. 



      Knockout’s Guarantee

      In the event of customer dissatisfaction with the service we have provided, please contact us within five days and we will be happy to rectify any problem cost free.



      Knockout is covered for public liability and property damage up to $20 million dollars.

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