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    Pressure Washings

    Tired of unmanageable spills and stains spoiling your day? Opt for pressure washing to get rid of grime and nasty spillages by calling Knockout High Pressure Cleaners, Melbourne’s paramount pressure washing service provider.

    Our pressure washing service is so robust that it can remove the stickiest of chewing gums, collect and dispose of oil spillages, and bring hard surfaces back to new. All of this without soaps, sanitizers, or degreasers – just water. We employ eco-friendly techniques while using high pressure washing to ensure we conserve water. We are EPA complaint and provide you with pressure washing service all year round throughout the entire Melbourne Metropolitan area.

    We have deployed state-of-the-art equipment utilising a wash and collect mechanism, through which we gather filth and dispose of it in an eco-conscious way. Nothing is a challenge for our equipment, whether it’s chewing gum, oil paint, or ingrained marks left by petrol spillages.

    We help businesses comply with food safety guidelines by cleaning out Giant cold storages and food processing factories keeping bacteria in check. We make tennis courts sparkle, and we have expertise in hard surface restoration at parks, pavements, shopping malls and other public areas.

    We strive for our reputation of Melbourne’s best high pressure cleaning service. Everything we do is eco-friendly and is in no way hazardous to the environment.

    Our high quality equipment designed for individual purposes, maximising efficiency and performance. Call Knockout high Pressure Cleaning on 1300 566 256 today and clean up the competition.
    1300 566 256

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