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    Why Choose Our High Pressure Cleaning Services?

    Are the paths outside your premises starting to build up with stains, chewing gum, and various other unwanted marks and grime? Call Knockout High Pressure cleaning and have the outside of your premises match the quality and perfection you’ve put into your customer service and presentation.

    Don’t settle for a handy man with a hardware store “Pressure Washer”, you might as well use a hose. Our high quality equipment designed for individual purposes, maximising efficiency and performance. Our high pressure water cleaners contain wash water retention and recycling systems allowing us recollect the water we’re using, filter out the filth, and continue to clean re-using that water for as long as possible. Our technicians can control oil, oil paints and dangerous chemical spillages using eco-conscious practices by utilizing our washing, recovering and recycling techniques.

    To enable extrapolation of chewing gum from hard surfaces, our high pressure cleaners make use of state-of-the-art equipment, which uses steam and uniquely modified high pressure cleaning wands. The steam, gum, and residual water is all drawn back into our filtration system ensuring that the gum, grime, and other grit doesn’t make it way into our waterways.

    Cold rooms and freezers need constant cleaning to ensure food safety requirements are met. More often than not, this involves the use of strong cleaning chemicals and sanitisers. Knockout High pressure Cleaning can take care of cold storages and freezers, preventing the growth and spread of bacteria, without the use of harsh chemicals.

    Our pre-spraying technique on tennis courts bring the dirt and grime to the surface before and real cleaning begins. Doing this allows us to use less pressure, ensuring the surface of the tennis court remains perfect while being returned to new.

    Knockout High Pressure Cleaning take great pride in our work. We take care of hard surface restoration at parks, pavements and footpaths, shopping malls and other public areas. We provide high pressure cleaning at factories, warehouses and storage inventories, restore sanitary conditions in car parks, and even make food processing units spotless after hours, to ensure health and safety.
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