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    Our High-Pressure Cleaning Services

    The need for high end and precision driven water pressure cleaning for concrete and other hard wearing surfaces is a given, and none do it better than Knockout Pressure Cleaning.

    High pressure cleaning is one of the most popular techniques – when it comes to cleaning of hard surfaces be it brick, stone or even concrete! Those with a penchant for facts would indeed find it fascinating that High pressure cleaning is known to utilize water pressures in excess of 3000 psi – The end conduit being a nozzle through which water ejects at astonishing high velocities to flush out dirt and grime – exposing sparkling floors and walls in hospitals and hotels alike – that then is the magic of High pressure water cleaning!

    We at Knockout are known to use technology and equipment of the highest quality; with the minute amount of water passed through our pressure cleaners, combined with our recollection and water recycling designs, high pressure cleaning is inarguably about ‘going green’ and conservation of the environment – water in particular. The lack of harsh chemicals means that there’s no risk of contamination or injury, making high pressure cleaning not only the most effective cleaning solution, but also the safest.

    Knockout High Pressure Cleaning aim to provide the best cleaning services in Melbourne. Contact us today on 1300 566 256 and put the pressure on your competition.
    1300 566 256

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